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Florin Parfuss

Hi guys, that's me, Florin Parfuss, 21 years of age and with a passion for triathlon. My journey as an athlete has started when I was around 12 years old. I was a swimmer and swam around 40-50km a week. Sometimes we had a single session of around 8-9 km, that's about the height of Mt. Everest.

In 2019 I changed my plans and got into triathlon, where I still am. In this sport I have the variety I need in my life. I am able to swim (around 4 times a week), explore the world on my bike and go beyond my limits when I do different types of running-sessions. I love the challenge myself and that why I love triathlon. From short to middle-distance at the moment and maybe a long-distance in the future? I don't know it yet. But I know that I have to train hard and smart to achieve my goals.

Next to my passion I have completed a commercial apprenticeship with a vocational baccalaureate and am now studying in St. Gallen. I am currently at the Bachelor of Business Administration, Minor Marketing. Next to that I am working 50-60% to gain working-experience to be able to achieve my professional goals in the future.

In my leisure-time I enjoy cooking, enjoying a good meal in a restaurant, coffee and capturing pictures while travelling the world. Often I can combine my travels with a trainingcamp or a competition abroad.

All the things I'm currently doing wouldn't be possible without a massive team behind me. I have my family, girlfriend and friends always in my back and aswell my coaches-team, physiotherapist, manager and all my sponsors who support me everyday to be a better me and to achieve what I want to.

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